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12 Ways To Incorporate Positive Affirmations In Your Life

If you want to make positive affirmations a daily habit, then use these tips to effortlessly incorporate them into your life!

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In the last year or so, I’ve made it a habit to incorporate positive affirmations in my daily life. I’ve seen a huge shift in mindset ever since I committed to this daily practice, and it’s something that I’m really passionate about sharing now!

There are so many ways that positive affirmations can create an impact on your life, and the best part is they take no more than a couple of minutes to do. It’s amazing how such a small change can spark such a big change over time.

If you’re looking to be more intentional with your habits, then positive affirmations need to be a part of your life!

Read on to discover 8 really easy ways you can incorporate affirmations in your daily life.

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How to incorporate positive affirmations in your day

1. Jot them down in your journal or planner

This is super easy to do if you’re already using a journal or planner anyway (and if you aren’t already using them, you really should!). I’m on my second year of using my Saint Belford Curation Planner, and I jot down my daily affirmations there.

Sometimes I also expand upon my thoughts surrounding that day’s affirmations in my other journal as well, a little creative outlet I’ve decided to commit to daily this year. I’ve promised myself to fill one page a day, so this is sometimes a really good topic if I can’t come up with anything else!

2. Create an affirmations jar

This is something I’ve done in preparation for #28DaysOfAffirmations on my Instagram (you’re welcome to join in if it’s something you’d enjoy!). I figured it would be a cute and random way to choose my affirmation for the day. Why not try to make a positive affirmations jar for yourself too?

If creating your own affirmations just seems like too much for you, I’ve got a free printable which contains 28 affirmations that you can print out, cut up, and pop into your very own affirmations jar! All you need to do is sign up for my fortnightly e-newsletters. You’ll also receive my eBook, 60 Days of Positive Affirmations, which contains two more months worth of positive affirmations!

3. Share your affirmations with friends

Accountability is everything when you’re creating new habits! Sharing your affirmations with friends – whether in a group chat or on your socials – is a good way to make the habit stick. Having accountability buddies for any habit has been shown to work wonders, so definitely give this a try.

An added bonus here is that your friends can benefit from these affirmations too, allowing them to embrace the positive effects of it in their lives!


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4. Anchor your affirmations to movement

This can mean thinking of your affirmation during yoga or exercise, or even saying it out loud as you dance to your favourite music. Just find what works for you and stick with it! It’s a great way to add a bit of combining your approach to mental and physical health for overall well-being.

I personally practice this by incorporating my daily affirmation whenever I take much-needed breaks from my computer. As a freelance writer who works from home, these breaks are a chance for me to do my stretches and turn my eyes away from the screen, so they happen often!

5. Create art surrounding your affirmation

No matter the medium, if you enjoy creating art, why not create art that celebrates your favourite affirmations? You can create an abstract painting, or sketch a character that embodies the affirmation.

Or you can do what I do, which is scribble some flowers and hearts around my daily affirmation when I write it in my creative journal. Hey, it’s not much, but it works! It’s just another opportunity to focus my thoughts on my affirmations.

6. Seek things that relate to your affirmation

Every day, keep an eye open to spot things that remind you of your affirmation. This could be seeing a really inspiring post on social media, or a magazine article that relates to it, or even a conversation with a co-worker. 

Jotting these occurrences down is a great way for you to seek more of these experiences that are based on positivity. We could all use more of it in our lives, right?

7. Create a vision board surrounding your favourite affirmations

Now, I’m all about walking the talk, but this is one I haven’t sat down to do just yet! But Beatrice at the Bliss Bean generously gave a tour of her amazing vision board, and it’s really inspired me to get started on mine. It’s on my to-do list, I promise.

The best thing about vision boards is that it’s all about you. These are dreams and aspirations for yourself, and it should reflect everything that you consider good in your life. So make sure you include things that are based around your favourite affirmations!

For example, one of my all-time favourite affirmations is “Every inch of my body is beautiful’‘. So I will be including photos of my stretch marks, scars, lumps and bumps along with my bright smile, as a reminder that every inch of my body is indeed beautiful and deserves to be loved unconditionally.

8. Save quotes that resonate with your affirmation

I love collecting quotes! I find it fascinating that so few words can hold so much meaning, and it’s borderline magical just how they can instantly spark inspiration and positivity in my day. In many ways, affirmations are a little bit like quotes themselves!

I save my favourite quotes on a specific folder on Instagram, and I also save them on my Inspirational Quotes board on Pinterest. You should definitely give it a follow if you love quotes as much as I do. (Psst: maybe give me a follow too, if you like what you see).


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4 more ways to incorporate positive affirmations in your life

  • Anchor your affirmations to an existing habit
  • Establish it as part of your wellness routine
  • Power up your affirmations with your actions
  • Look at your affirmations often

Learn more about these four tips by reading my previous blog post that shows you exactly how to practice daily positive affirmations! You’ll even be able to download a few positive affirmations phone wallpapers that you can use for your phone.

Just 5 minutes a day can transform your entire mindset

If you’re on the fence about starting this habit, I encourage you to just try it! It’s super easy to incorporate positive affirmations in your daily life, and you won’t believe how much of an impact it’ll make on your mindset and your life.

You don’t have to feel too overwhelmed by the thought of coming up with affirmations yourself – I’ve got you covered! My free eBook contains 2 whole months worth of positive affirmations for the body and mind, so it’s really the best way to get started right away. Download it below!



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I'm Adriana. I create content that helps women find balance, clarity, and purpose in their busy lives.

Hi! I’m Adriana. I create content that helps women find balance, clarity, and purpose in their busy lives. Learn more about me!

18 thoughts on “12 Ways To Incorporate Positive Affirmations In Your Life

  1. These are great tips! I’ve been trying to do daily affirmations, but it’s been challenging. Some days I forget to do them, but I’m really hoping I’ll get into the habit of doing it daily.

    1. It was tough for me at the beginning too, I swear! But after I incorporated affirmations into my existing routine, it felt way easier to do it daily. I hope these tips work for you!

      – Adriana

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I’ve actually set up my Daily Affirmations Jar in preparation for Feb, haha. It’ll make it so much easier to choose a random affirmation each day. I love anything that saves me time in the morning, if I’m being honest!

      – Adriana

  2. These are really great suggestions. I love the idea of anchoring the affirmation to movement. I’d never heard anyone say it quite like that and it makes sense to me! Thank you for the great post. Will be saving for later!

    1. Aww, thank you for your kind words! I’m glad it helped! Good luck and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions at all xx

      – Adriana

    1. Oh yes, my kids LOVE my affirmation jar. They ask every day what I’ve pulled out of the jar, lol. I like to think that they also take each affirmation to heart and think of it during their busy day.

      – Adriana

  3. A positive mind is very important for overall well-being apart from keeping fit. I sometimes like listening positive talks when I workout, it is very refreshing.

    1. That’s a brilliant way to do it! I love listening to inspiring podcasts while working out too. It’s a great way to anchor positive habits to each other, isn’t it?

      – Adriana

    1. Oh yay, I’m so glad to hear that! FYI, I’ve got a free printable that makes it so much easier to create your own affirmation jar. It has 28 affirmations that you can cut up and pop into your jar in just a few minutes 🙂

      – Adriana

  4. I really like the idea of using affirmations while exercising. I’ve never done that before but it seems like it might even make the actual physical effect better too. Thanks for the tips! 💖

  5. Love your post! Its actually inspired me to create an affirmation jar. Hoping that it will also help my teenage son who has to school at home due to lockdowns. It is a real struggle getting him out of bed in the morning for online classes so I think affirmations could be a way to centre myself and help me be less frustrated! Thanks.

    1. That’s amazing! Please do tag me on Instagram if you are sharing your experience with using the affirmation jar!

      And as someone who had to deal with cranky kids (including a teenager) through months of lockdown and home schooling last year – please know you’re in my thoughts. Here for solidarity (or a rant) at anytime, hun!

      – Adriana

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