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My story

Hello! My name is Adriana Thani, and I’m a writer, speaker, and passionate advocate for mothers.

On the 10th of August, 2007, I became a mother…and my life completely changed. I instantly became part of an elite group of people with power and strength beyond my imagination – the sisterhood of mothers! 

There is a thread woven into the tapestry of our life stories when we become mothers, and it connects us all. 

It’s in the nights we’re up alone with a baby that just won’t sleep. It’s in the 100th plain pasta meal that we make for a fussy eater that just won’t eat anything else. It’s in the inimitable pride when our kid takes their first steps, makes friends at the playground, or stands up to a bully at school.

It’s in the countless little acts of love, compromise, and sacrifice that us mothers barely even notice.

Empowering other mothers

From that life-changing night in 2007 onwards, I made it my mission to empower mothers through education in natural parenting, which includes breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth nappies.

What I observed (and experienced myself) through the years is this: there’s a period in early motherhood where you experience a distinct loss of your essence. You start to feel like you don’t recognise yourself. 

It’s such a gradual process that you don’t even notice it. And who can blame you? Those early weeks, months, and years…they are HARD.

But as my kids get older and I’ve come out the other side of early parenthood, I’ve realised that even after many years, so much of our lives are given to our families, that we lose some – if not all – of ourselves in the process. I know that sense of loss – I’ve lived it! 

Adriana Thani smiles at the camera as she sits on a sofa
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A shared experience

As a writer and speaker, I’ve spoken to countless mothers through the years – from different countries and cultures – who struggle with losing their identity in early motherhood and not knowing exactly how to get it back

There’s a lot of frustration, confusion, and straight up exhaustion among mothers when we have this conversation. 

And that is why I want to share the many ways we can strengthen our resolve, re-discover our sense of self, and learn to love who we are! 

My mission now

I want to empower you – and all mothers – with simple, helpful, and do-able tips and resources for regaining your sense of self

I’m here to remind you that you don’t need to sacrifice everything you are, to give everything to your family. 

If anything, a mother who is nourishing her mind, body, and soul, is a mother who can more happily and readily give more to others! 

So are you ready to take a journey with me? Are you ready to uncover the woman underneath the persona of mother, wife, sister, and daughter? Are you ready to live life confidently, resiliently, and with a solid sense of who you are? 

Are you ready to rediscover YOU?

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What you'll find here

This website is not dedicated to your kids. It’s not about the latest toys, kid-friendly recipes, or the hottest trends in baby fashion.

This website is about YOU! It’s about your needs, desires, and ambitions. It’s about helping you find you again, amidst the chaos of motherhood.

On this website, you’ll find helpful content that will:

  • help you discover (or re-discover) who you are – mind, body, and soul.
  • help you with your career and personal development, because I’ve seen how little resources there are in this area that properly considers our complex reality!
  • help you discover tips and tricks on managing your family and household, so that you’ll have more time to commit to your own growth!

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