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7 Email Newsletters To Inspire Your Self-Care & Personal Growth

While we all know how beneficial self-care can be, and how much it can impact our overall well-being, sometimes it’s easy to forget to prioritise it in our day-to-day life. 


That’s why I believe in constantly seeking inspiration to motivate me to practice self-care and commit to my personal growth. 


And the best place for it? My email inbox, of course!


Let me start off by saying that my email inbox is really important to me. I got down to Inbox Zero earlier this year and I’ve made sure to keep that up (for the most part). I just don’t allow junk in anymore! So when I continue to subscribe to an email list, you know it’s good stuff.


Do you want to get the same feeling of joy and encouragement from your email inbox? Here’s a list of 6 email newsletters to inspire your self-care and personal growth!


I love seeing these email newsletters in my inbox to inspire my self-care


1. The Daily Good by The Good Trade

I’m pretty sure I’ve opened every single one of these emails, and clicked on at least 90% of the links in them! First off, the emails always look so aesthetically pleasing. 


Secondly, there is so much value! While they cover a range of different topics, there’s self-care and mindfulness content at least a couple of times a week.


Why you should subscribe:

You’ll receive daily inspirational emails that are pretty and educational!


How to subscribe: 

You can subscribe to The Daily Good emails by The Good Trade by clicking here.


2. Slow Brew Sundays by Om & The City

I discovered Jules of Om & The City a few months ago and am truly in love with everything she does! Her content is all about simplifying your life and being mindful, which makes it so much easier for you to focus on your self-care and wellbeing. 


Her weekly emails are centered around one monthly theme. My favourite feature? There’s always a really fun and easy challenge at the end of each one!


Why you should subscribe:

These emails are fun, relatable, and the perfect way to prepare yourself for the week ahead.


How to subscribe: 

You can subscribe to Slow Brew Sundays by Om & The City by clicking here.


3. The Bliss Bean Newsletter

If you follow Beatrice of the Bliss Bean on YouTube, you’ll know she’s a whiz at creating really thought-provoking and yet super relatable content. 


Better yet, she’s always sharing really helpful tips on how to be productive without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out (which I always appreciate!).


Why you should subscribe:

These emails are full of useful tips and excellent recommendations for books, videos, and podcasts too.


How to subscribe: 

You can subscribe to the Bliss Bean Newsletter by clicking here.


4. The Truthful Tea Talks Newsletter

I love how relatable Evie is in all her emails – it truly feels like getting an email from a friend. They just make me smile every time!


Her content is all about mindset and personal growth, with a focus on doing things that bring you joy and help you grow into the person you want to be. 


Why you should subscribe:

You’ll get weekly emails that inspire, as well as access to the Truthful Tea Talks resource library.


How to subscribe:

You can subscribe to the Truthful Tea Talks Newsletter by clicking here.


5. The Sunday Goalsletter by Life Goals

You’ve probably already figured this out from the name, but these emails are all about kicking goals! But you won’t find any “go hard and hustle” content here (thankfully). 


These Sunday Goalsletter emails are about inspiring you to reach your goals in an intentional and measured way. I always take part in the challenges at the end of the emails, and recently used some of their journal prompts too.


Why you should subscribe:

If you’re all about reaching your goals in a sustainable and realistic way, without sacrificing your self-care, you’ll love these emails.


How to subscribe:

You can subscribe to the Sunday Goalsletter by Life Goals by clicking here.


6. The Saint Belford Newsletter

This monthly newsletter always contains helpful content that allows you to focus on your self-care. Plus, each month they share monthly reflection prompts that you can use to mindfully review the previous month and identify any shifts you need to make to help you grow.


I love these newsletters so much, I’d love for it to turn into weekly newsletters!


Why you should subscribe:

Get useful tips on self-care and healthy habits once a month, right in your inbox.


How to subscribe:

You can subscribe to the Saint Belford Newsletter by clicking here.


7. The Balanced CEO Newsletter

If you know me, you’ll know I’m all about trying to find balance in my life! These emails always have useful tips I can use right away to be more productive while still being able to focus on the people and things that matter in my life.


I love that everything Michelle shares in this email is relatable and helpful. Plus they’re usually really short and to-the-point, which is perfect for busy folks (like me!)


Why you should subscribe:

You’ll get weekly emails that are quick to read, with tips you can apply to your life right away.


How to subscribe: 

You can subscribe to The Balanced CEO Newsletter by clicking here.


Bonus: The Adriana Thani Newsletter (hey, it’s mine!)

Well, I couldn’t very well write a list of newsletters about self-care without mentioning mine, could I? 


All my emails are chock-full of self-care and personal growth tips that are personally tried and tested by yours truly. I love sharing realistic strategies for putting yourself first, so I reckon getting these tips in your inbox are the first step in prioritising you!


Plus, I always share what I’m watching, reading, and listening to. I don’t know if my tastes are for everyone, but a fair few of my subscribers have let me know that they’ve used my recommendations to listen to new music or watch a show they haven’t before, so it can’t be that bad (right?).


You can subscribe to my email newsletters by filling up the form below:



P.S: Do you have any other email newsletters to recommend? Make sure to comment your suggestions below!

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Email newsletters to inspire your self-care and personal growth
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4 thoughts on “7 Email Newsletters To Inspire Your Self-Care & Personal Growth

  1. What a nice post! 🙂 It’s really hard to find great newsletters to subscribe to (in my experience at least). But these really sound good.

    1. Thank you, Nina! I’ve subscribed and then unsubscribed from a BUNCH of newsletters, so I know what you mean haha. I’m always extra happy when I find really good email newsletters now – I know how much junk is out there!

      – Adriana

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